Doody Duty is a locally owned, small business.  We specialize in providing high quality customer service that leaves you feeling that not only can you confidently stroll through the yard barefoot again, but we guarantee it!  By choosing Doody Duty for your pet waste cleanup and removal, you can be assured that you're getting a uniformed employee, in a company car, complete with insurance that covers not only your property, but your beloved pet(s) as well.  We sanitize our tools before and after each customer to ensure that no bacteria or diseases (like canine parvo) are ever transferred between yards.  Why go to all this trouble when we're just picking up poo?  Because not only are you the customer and we believe that you deserve it, but your pets deserve to roam free and play in their backyard sanctuary without the risk of disease or infection from another pets waste.  At Doody Duty, your pet's #2 is our #1 focus.




When you contact Doody Duty, LeDonna is who you get.  No 3rd party schedulers or customer service reps here.  LeDonna is a dedicated owner who puts you 1st!


Service Provider


Shawn is the one coming out to your residence and doing the 'dirty' work.  Because he's married to LeDonna, she's not only the boss here, but also at home!


Research and Development


Griffin is in charge of providing samples in our research facility (backyard) to assist in quality control and technology developments.

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